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Welcome to the Buzz PHP Class Library
Buzz is a new component orient library written in PHP for PHP application developers. Buzz was written simply because I couldn't find a solid, well written object oriented API that provided the simplicity and power of Buzz. Buzz source code can be written independant of HTML and the core Buzz API generates HTML code which works on all popular browsers.
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The "Buzz Design" (OOP Development from the Ground Up)
Buzz PHP Class Library Demos. Its Easy Beezy Buzz is the result of over 6 months of testing and prototyping new design ideas. A lot of these ideas came from work completed in other languages including C# and Delphi (Object Pascal). The Buzz API design takes inspiration from some of the best component libraries including MFC, VCL and the .NET API, but also incorporates ideas which I have developed over the last 8 years.

Buzz was written because there is nothing like it currently available. Unlike other API’s, Buzz is not a JavaScript dominated design. It is a new style of system managed components which uses optimized HTTP data transfers to provide high speed web access.
Cool Buzz Features
  • Object oriented component design from the ground up.
  • Compatible with CodeGear's Delphi for PHP IDE.
  • Form managment automaticlly prevents multiple submissions via browser refreshing.
  • Support for search engine friendly permalinks.
  • Automatic serilization of the entire application component tree.
  • Globally unique form field names provide for a high level of internet sercurity.
  • Contains a large collection of FREE reusable web components.
  • Developed from the ground up to be easy-to-use.
  • Web programming doesn't get easier than Buzz.
  • Single Point Validation: Since all form validation is server side, there is no need to double up on validation. No more unsafe JavaScript validation.
  • Fast Development Times: Buzz makes it easy to combine complex components into one easy to navigate system.
  • The Buzz License (LGPL)
    View LGPL License The Buzz source code is released under LGPL. Please review the license to understand your rights and restrictions before using any of the source code.
    How to Contact Me

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    Why use Buzz?
  • Fast! Buzz only serves minimal HTML pages.
  • No more bloated slow loading pages.
  • Secure: HTTP fields are system generated, making it hard to attack a site via automated robots.
  • Organized: All code is organized by a well defined base class.
  • Unit test complex controls before merging into larger web applications.
  • HTML Independent: You can now code web applications completely independant of HTML.
  • Fully OOP: Object oriented component design from the ground up.
  • FREE Components: Buzz contains a large collection of FREE reusable web components.
  • Try Buzz for FREE!
    Buzz is one of the best OOP based API's for PHP.
    Latest Features - July 2009
  • Now you can embed controls inside IFrames with one command.
  • New CQuickComments control.
  • A simple calculator example.
  • Easy to use 'Captcha' support.
  • New CSS Drop Down Menus.
  • Added new permalinks.
  • New Google Dynamic Map control.
  • Improved email control. Now supports an attachment.
  • Added column sorting to CListView.
  • Enabled easy embedding of other controls inside a CListView.
  • Added multi-language support.
  • Easy Google AdSence support.
  • Improved CButtonView. Support for adding HTML to unused white space.
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